Алюминиевый катер РИБ Trident Piton 1100

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Описание Aluminum RIB Trident Piton 1100 is designed to perform various tasks in the offshore zone (open sea): providing vessels outside the port, diving operations, rescue operations, ensuring the rapid dispatch, departure and transit of personnel to the ship, barge or shore.  Constructive contours contribute to stability and ensure good seaworthiness.  Inflatable chambers provide the vessel with good buoyancy, even if large amounts of water enter the boat, due to bad weather conditions at sea.  The Piton 1100 is able to accommodate 12 people on board.  For tasks that require a long stay in the high seas, the team can use the bow cabin, galley corner, an insulated toilet with a washstand and shower.

- fast rescue boat
- work-boat
- life-boat
- expedition boat

Buy an aluminum boat Trident Piton 1100 possibly in St. Petersburg from the manufacturer, and from our dealers in various regions of Russia.

Параметры лодки
  • Габаритная длина
    1100 мм
  • Габаритная ширина
    3500 мм
  • Габаритная высота
    3580 мм
  • Килеватость
  • Осадка
    510 мм
  • Катер с оборудованием
    4300 кг.
  • Пассажиры
    12 чел.
  • Двигатели (Стационар*2)
    300-450 л. с.
  • Топливо
    900 л
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